The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:


Did you learn everything you needed to know?
Has your time in quarantine not been an imprisonment by a law show?
I turned off the TV today because I couldn’t help jitter
The news in flashes show a world drifted by disease, a pervasion in masses
I washed my mask to the sound of my daily, credulous visitor
The mailman disarming papers with redundant headlines unfailingly alarming
They write of a war against an everlasting mutation of a virus
It’s not the battlefield they look for, but the cure
A shot, an amendment, a protein infused syringe that heals
An Armageddon tribulated by a world epidemiological crisis
I sit in isolation, my place of safety
I stir, I jitter, but I sit here to wait
For the day of cure to make this a past life’s story